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"Over 150 pages of practical tools dedicated to training & preparing your staff to deal with campus mental health scenarios."

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Campus Mental Health Case Studies

Today’s mental health issues touch every part of campus. Faculty, financial aid, support staff, coaches and others are all privy to the struggles of students — and the need to help them when they are in distress.


Campus Mental Health Case Studies is the tool designed to give campus professionals what they need to prepare for mental health “what ifs?”


Within the binder you’ll receive:

• 25 mental health case studies drawn from common campus scenarios


Each Case Study Includes:


- Discussion Questions – These are for three levels — new professionals, intermediate staff and advanced staff — to provide a full range of interactive training opportunities.

- A Counselor’s Perspective – Discussing the case study and providing suggestions about how to handle the incident at hand, from a mental health professional who is in the know.

- Key Issue Tags – Some of these are characteristics related to details of the case (such as if the student is an athlete) and others are approaches to handling the situation (such as parental notification).


Campus Mental Health Case Studies also includes:

- An Introductory How-to Chapter that offers practical suggestions about how to use case studies in training situations.

- A Key Issues Chapter that offers guidance and references for further reading and research.

- An Overview of Campus Mental Health Issues with an additional chapter covering common mental health disorders students might be dealing with.

- Case Management Strategies & Approaches


Plus, to ensure that you and your colleagues maximize your use of the binder, you'll receive:

- Exclusive access to a 60-minute, on-demand Webinar with our mental health expert, Dr. Brian Van Brunt, Director of Counseling and Testing Services at Western Kentucky University and former President of the American College Counseling Association. Dr. Van Brunt will share strategies for most effectively using case studies as learning tools.

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